The TRIBAR is designed around a passion for fitness, combining elements of a kettlebell, dumbbell and barbell to create the optimum conditioning tool…

The TRIBAR is designed around a passion for fitness, combining elements of a kettlebell, dumbbell and barbell to create the optimum  conditioning tool…

Weight Training
The Tribar shape provides a unique 60 degree double grip which can be used overhand or underhand. These grip options increase the range of exercises available to target specific muscle groups including overhead press, triceps extensions, bicep curls, rows, squats. Single handed weight training exercises include hammer curls, triceps extensions, and single arm rows.

Functional training and dynamic exercises
The Tribar provides a secure one handed or two handed grip, to cater for a large range of exercises, many unique to Tribar. These include dynamic front and lateral swings both single or double grip, weighted jumps, rotational exercises, burpees, bottoms-up exercises, rack based exercises, boxing and combat movement exercises, weighted crunches.

Variable resistance training with resistance bands.
Combine the Tribar with resistance bands to provide a variable weighted handle for variable resistance training. The bands loop through and over the Tribar balls. The Tribar bars can then be used to grip firmly onto with both a one or two-handed grip. Rows, overhead presses, rotational pulls and triceps extensions are all ideal Tribar accommodating resistance exercises.

Suspended bodyweight and assisted bodyweight exercises
Combine the Tribar weights with Tribar straps, gym ring straps, or standard climbing slings for suspended bodyweight training and assisted bodyweight exercises. Attach the other end to a fixed object to enable the full range of one or two-handed suspended bodyweight exercises such as dips, inverted rows, pull ups, assisted squats.

Tribar ground work
When placed on the ground, the Tribar can be used as a handle to grip onto for ground work exercises such as push ups, stair climbers, Everest steps, plank exercises, burpees.

Tribar paired exercises and group work
The Tribar shape allows two or more people to grip onto the same Tribar as a weighted handle to perform paired or group exercises. Paired or group squats, pistol squats, lunges, plank floor raises, and Tribar tug of war exercises.

About the Tribar range:

Tribar sizes
The Tribar weight range consists of 15 weights in total, 2-48kg, each with internal moulds within each of the 3 balls which allows for only 3 Tribar external sizes for user familiarity. (2-12kg smaller ball size, 16-24kg medium ball size, 28-48kg large ball size)

Tribar material
The lighter weights (2,3,4kg) in the range are made from aluminium to allow the same external shape but keep the weight down. These have a natural aluminium finish and finished with clear coat paint

The rest of the Tribar range (5-48kg) are made from cast iron, with two colour straps around each handle for quick weight identification. These are powder coated and all black in colour.

Tribar handle size
The Tribar handle size remains the same, 35mm diameter and 125mm length for sizes 2-24kg. For Tribar weights 28-48kg each handle size increases to 40mm diameter and 140mm in length.

The Tribar handle sizes were chosen in the development stage as it is widely accepted that competition kettlebells 35mm diameter grip is ideal for dynamic functional exercises and with it being larger than most dumbbell and barbell handle diameters (usually 28mm), it helps to improve user grip strength. Targeting Grip strength was the reason for an even larger 40mm tribar handle diameter used from 28kg onwards. The grip length of 125mm-140mm is large enough for all hand sizes and not too large as to alter the Tribar’s balance and function.

The Tribar is original, purposeful and effective… pick up a Tribar and get to work…